LEAP Challenge Course

Take the LEAP on our new Updated Challenge Course!

Leap Challenge Course - Lake Brownwood, TXCalling on the brave and adventurous! Are you ready to test your limits, to try new things? Do you have a group of people that you want to see develop team work and communication skills? Or, do you have a group of people who want to just kick back and have fun soaring through the sky, overlooking Lake Brownwood and the surrounding area?

Then maybe you should “take the LEAP” and head out to the Leadership Experience Adventure Program at the 4-H Conference Center. LEAP is our fully certified Challenge Course, complete with Low and High Elements.


Challenge Course High Elements   Challenge Course Low Elements

The LEAP course is an adventure-based, hands-on experience that allows your group to come together to learn more about yourselves, each other, and how to overcome challenges.  Carefully constructed and managed for its unique purpose, the Challenge Course is a collection of poles, cables and ropes strung together into Elements, individual activities that challenge individuals and groups in specific and distinctive ways. The Low Elements course is designed to bring your group together by taking you through a series of obstacles and situations that require you to work together to find the solution to the problem. High Elements take you and your group to new heights by challenging you to stretch your comfort zone.

**We are excited to announce the ropes cours has 5 new elements to go along with our other elements already listed (We no longer have the inclined log – it was turned into a cat walk).  These new elements combined with our new self belay system and new spiral staircase allows more people on the course at once.

New Items Include:

      • Free Fall
      • Islands in the Sky
      • Metal Mountain
      • Swinging Lilly Pads
      • Uneven Bridge

Challenge Courses operate on the philosophy of “Challenge by Choice.” This means that no individual goes further or higher than that person wants. Your level of involvement on the course is entirely at your discretion. We offer a professional staff of Instructors with experience in facilitating Challenge Courses, and we follow the highest safety standards in the industry. So whether you are a youth group, a group of professionals, any group of young and old, or if you simply want to have some fun with your friends, let us give you an experience that will change your life!

Release Forms

UPCOMING TRAINING!!! The 4-H Center will offer a Level I Challenge Course Certification program in March of 2024 for anyone who would like to participate and become certified. Adventure Experiences, Inc. out of Trinity, Texas a Level IV ACCT provider will conduct the training. Please see the attached brochure for more information. A registration form is also attached. Please see Adventure Experience, Inc website for questions about the content of training, your experience, etc. There are no prerequisites required to participate in the training.

Already certified and need re-certification? We will offer a recertification option as well.

Call for more information.

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