High Elements

The High Elements consist of three access points to the Crow’s Nest for descent via the Zip Line.

The Incline Log and Grapevine Traverse or the Giant Swinging Log to the Two Line Bridge. A third access is via the Cargo Net.

All high elements require appropriate head wear and harnesses and certified Facilitators to belay.

Climbing Wall

The Climbing Wall is popular with youth ages 9-18 and even adults! Test your rock climbing skills.

Climbing Wall   Girl climbing wall

Two Line Bridge

Participants move across the two-line bridge to access the crow’s nest.

Participants move across the two-line bridge to access the crow's nest.   

High Swinging Log

Participants must use the grapevine to maneuver their way across the Swinging Log.

  Swinging Log

Incline Log

A high element that requires excellent balance OR great strength to maneuver.

Incline log   Incline log

Zip Line

Participants rapidly descend an angeled cable while suspended from a strap.

Zip Line   Zip Line

Texas Screamer!

A swing for the brave, this high element involves teamwork and trust.

Texas Screamer   Texas Screamer

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