Low Elements

Challenge Course Low Elements

A series of problem-solving experiences that physically engage teams to develop and execute a plan. Each challenge draws on every team member’s contributions—their ideas, their support, and their efforts. The Low Course is structured so that activities build upon one another and increase in difficulty as trust and confidence within the group rise.

The group is given an opportunity to debrief each activity. Specific group goals and observations are discussed, allowing time to digest the experience and apply it to real life.

Mohawk Walk

The Mohawk Walk challenges team members to laterally traverse suspended cables.

Mohawk walk

Port Hole

The Port Hole requires teamwork as team members are passed through a suspended tire.

Port hole

All Aboard

The team has little room but must find a way to balance together in this challenge.

All Aboard

Spider Web

Teams must get all members from one side to another, but there’s a twist to this one.

Spider Web

Mountain Tops

Teams must use their ingenuity to traverse this challenge element.

Mountain Tops

“A” Frame

This element builds communication as team members must be transported by rather awkward means.

"A" frame

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