Adult Chaperones

We appreciate any and all adult volunteer help we receive. We love to see adults at camp because it helps our youth have even more great role models to look up to. Youth registered for Summer Camps are not required to provide chaperones. We have a fantastic staff of young professionals here to supervise your children as well as facilitate all of our programming.

General Chaperone duties:

  • Supervise youth during all scheduled activities and free time.
  • Stay in dorms at night to chaperone youth.
  • Actively participate in all activities and encourage all participants to become involved.
  • Assist Summer Staff if help is requested.
  • Be alert to health needs and special problems of participants.
  • Supervise cleaning of dorms and grounds upon departure.
  • Provide a completed Health History Form and other forms as required.


Training Requirements of Adult Chaperones

All Adults serving as Chaperones must be enrolled in 4-H Online as an adult volunteer. If you are already enrolled in your county as a volunteer, you do not have to enroll again.

The Texas A&M University System’s Child Protection Training was developed for system employees and volunteers working directly with youth through camps and programs. The objectives of the training are to teach warning signs of child sexual abuse and molestation, different forms of child abuse, types of sexual offenders and their strategies, how to respond and report cases of abuse, and strategies for maintaining a safe environment for youth. An individual is required to complete the training every two years.

4-H Adult Volunteers registered on 4-H Online will complete the training in 4-H Online, under the “training” tab.

Please contact the 4-H Conference Center at 325/784-5482 if you have any questions or need additional information.


Screening of Volunteers

Volunteers within AgriLife Extension and the 4-H Youth Development Program

The screening is completed upon registering as a Volunteer on 4-H Connect, through the Youth Protection Standards Program. The purpose of this screening is to provide a safe and secure environment for youth and adults involved in Extension programs, implement best practices related to management of volunteer service risk, and protect the image and integrity of Texas AgriLife Extension Service and its associated groups. In order to serve as a volunteer, all potential volunteers who have direct, face-to-face contact with youth, must be screened through the Youth Protection Standards Program. The criminal background check conducted is a national search of 48 jurisdictions, in addition to state and national sex offender lists.

All other organizations utilizing the 4-H Conference Center

Volunteers with all other agencies or organizations using the 4-H Conference Center must provide proof of screening for every adult individual that will have face-to-face, direct contact with youth. This includes ALL persons serving as Chaperones in the dormitories.

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