Mission Possible

Mission Possible promotes the involvement of all youth. We invite youth with and without disabilities or special needs or who require special accommodations to participate in this unique summer residential camping program. 4-H membership is NOT a requirement.

Watch a Video:  4-H Mission ‘Possible’ camp helps special needs kids

The focus is on each campers’ Abilities and not their disAbilities. Participants are encouraged to recognize their individual strengths and their own limitations while participating in a safe and fun camp environment! We recognize that each camper has their own interests, motivators, strengths and areas that might need support. We strive to meet those unique and individual needs, while also trying to meet the overall goals for everyone:

  • increasing skills of independence
  • enhancing one’s self-esteem
  • increasing one’s personal understanding and acceptance
  • increasing social abilities
  • widening awareness of and participation in recreational activities
  • connecting with others with similar interests, needs and/or abilities.                                    That’s Mission Possible!  Check it out.

Mission Possible Mentors — 4-H youth who have completed 8th grade, as of June 1, 2014 serve alongside 4-H Center Staff and Adult Volunteers to provide a safe and fun camp experience for all. Training for Mentors is conducted July 6-7 at the 4-H Center, just prior to Mission Possible Camp. To apply to serve as a Mentor, please complete the attached Application and return by March 15, 2014. Mentors pay a registration fee of $85 to cover meals and lodging July 6-9. You must have the signature of a County Extension Agent on your application, or have them submit an email to Dr. Locke at dlocke@ag.tamu.edu acknowledging their support of your service as a Mentor.

In addition to the goals listed above, Mentor goals include:

  • increasing each individual’s knowledge, understanding and acceptance of various medically diagnosed disabilities
  • increasing each individual’s appreciation of individual differences
  • sharing gained knowledge with communities you are a part of (example: local or county 4-H clubs, school organizations)

Mentor Team Selected for 2014!!! Email notifications were sent out today, April 16! If you did not receive notification or if you have questions, please contact Dr. Locke at the 4-H Center   dlocke@ag.tamu.edu


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